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The Role of a Board of Directors

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A board of directors is a set of directors elected to represent shareholders acting as fiduciaries in making decisions and overseeing a company. They establish policy and are not a part of the day-to-day operations. They develop high-level strategies and support high-level managers by educating them and providing guidance to them in their work. They also play a key part in crisis management.

The role of a board varies according to the particular organization, but it generally includes protecting shareholders’ interests and making efforts to maximize their value. It ensures that shareholders are provided with accurate and timely information, and promotes transparency in relation to financial reporting and disclosure. It manages risks, and collaborates actively with stakeholders to create positive relationships and ensure that corporate behavior is aligned with society’s expectations.

It is important to choose the right people to serve on the board of your organization. It is vital to choose people who have the right combination of leadership, governance and business expertise in order to provide strategic oversight and guidance. They should be able to effectively hear different viewpoints and engage in constructive discussions, and they should embody the fundamental values of your company.

It’s important to have an executive board that is as diverse as is possible. Also having an inequitable number of directors can aid in breaking the ties of the voting process on crucial issues. Smaller companies usually choose between five and seven directors. Larger companies should strive to have a minimum of nine to eleven directors on their boards.

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